Our daily struggle to keep our bodies healthy is certainly not easy. We don’t know what exactly we should do to feel good and have the right test results. But practice shows that grooming doesn’t have to be difficult – we just need to learn what’s really worth focusing on. We often make mistakes simply because we’ve been taught otherwise over the years – but luckily we can change that.

For example, let’s look at nutrition here.

Everyone learns a certain diet at home – we eat as our parents tell us. Then we reproduce such a pattern for years because we don’t know anything else. As a result, we often become overweight, our joints hurt and we are always tired. In the meantime, it’s enough to just use common sense here. Even these more processed foods can sometimes be eaten – but that has to be the exception to the rule.

Your body needs nutrients and you need to provide them – eat lots of fruits and vegetables, drink water. Try not to base your diet on sweets or fast food – you know full well that you never feel good after eating something like that. On our website you will find many tips on how a healthy diet should look like – and at the same time you can be inspired by them and invent different dishes yourself. That’s what it should be about – you’re in control of what you eat and you finally know what’s best for you.


We must also remind you here that exercise really is health.

But it’s not just about daily training in the gym or running – spontaneous activity is more important. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, bike to the meeting – don’t drive. You might think it doesn’t matter much – but quite the opposite. This will allow your body to get used to more exercise and function better. Not only will your condition improve – your mental health will improve as well. We’ll help you choose a sport that you’ll be practicing for many years – not just a few weeks. Regularity and perseverance – that’s really the most important thing.

Also remember that sometimes we do whatever it takes to keep our bodies in the best of health – but even that isn’t enough. Therefore, think about regular check-ups – this is the only way you can identify a problem at an early stage. Don’t ever assume you’re fine because you’re fine – unfortunately, that doesn’t mean you’re in the best of health. This also applies to the psyche – you have a right to take care of your mind just as you try to take care of your heart or your joints.

Make sure you get enough sleep and always find time to rest – this will make you better at work and in everyday life. Sometimes it takes years to build the right habits, so don’t give up if you’re not feeling well – as long as you find your motivation, you’ll be fine.

On our website we will try to introduce you to different ways you can take better care of yourself. We can bet that many of our ideas would never come to mind – and they are really very simple. It’s okay to make mistakes sometimes – it’s important to want to fix them. You have your whole life to learn – so don’t give up this chance and keep correcting your mistakes. After a while you’ll feel the difference and then you’ll never want to go back to your old lifestyle. We invite!