There are many solicitations in the horoscope of Thursday 4 November 2021. The Moon in Scorpio joins Mars in the very early hours of the day while the opposition between Uranus and the Sun is perfect which, we have said in recent days, leads to sudden changes and irrepressible tensions.

In the evening we will then see the new Moon in Scorpio with solar eclipse, the first eclipse to open the Taurus Scorpio minicycle that will occupy the whole of 2022.Curated by Ginny Chiara Viola5 SHAREScomments

The Moon in the horoscope of Thursday 4 November 2021, is in the sign of Scorpio and in the early hours of the morning it will transit in conjunction with Mars which, we said a few days ago, is very strong in this position.

The opposition between Uranus and the Sun that we have talked about in the last two days is today precise in degrees, at 12 of the sign of Scorpio the Sun and at 12 of the sign of Taurus Uranus. Then today we have the new Moon, in the evening, in the sign of Scorpio precisely and with a great disruptive force. Let us remember that Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth, very powerful.

We finance research projects carried out at university laboratories, hospitals and scientific institutesWe improve the knowledge of young researchers through special programs and ad hoc callsWe raise awareness and inform the public about the progress made in cancer research

An incessant and concrete activity that is only possible thanks to millions of supporters and thousands of volunteers who give our researchers the strength and enthusiasm to continue the battle against cancer. Many people who every day, in a different but equally indispensable way, have chosen to say “Against cancer, I am here”. People like you.
From the foundation to today

We have allocated over 1.5 billion euros (*) to research projects conducted in the laboratories of institutes, universities and hospitals throughout Italy;
We have allocated over € 63.6 million (**) for training grants to young researchers;

As required by Article 2 of the Statute, we have implemented a program to disseminate and raise awareness of public opinion on the progress made by research in cancer prevention, diagnosis and therapy, mainly through the “Fundamental” publication, with the support of FIRC -AIRC, and through the website.

POR Marche ESF 2014-2020 Axis 1 Priority 8.iv – Action 8.4.c and Action 8.4.b Public notice for the presentation of experimental projects aimed at reintegrating women with previous breast cancer into the social and working life – Code Siform2 1069277- Code CUP: H36G21001500002

From the AIRC source “Cancer numbers in Italy 2020” it is clear that among the approximately 377,000 cases of cancer, 54,976 concern breast cancer, which is the most frequently diagnosed tumor, equal to 14.6% of all new diagnoses of tumor.

The diagnosis of breast cancer is prevalent in women in full employment: in fact it is the most frequent for women under 49 (41%), for those between 50 and 69 years (36%) and for those over 70 (21%) ).

Thanks to the new diagnostic, surgical and therapeutic techniques, more and more women return to normal life after surgery, even if unfortunately a certain percentage of workers are faced with the loss of their job or a difficult reintegration into it. With this project we intend to pursue actions aimed at encouraging the resumption of work, overcoming the critical factors.

In particular, the involvement of doctors, researchers and competent personnel is envisaged to undertake paths aimed at improving the quality of life of women suffering from breast cancer, in order to facilitate their reintegration into work. Within the project, in addition to the adhesion of

Asur Av1 U.O.C. of Oncology of Urbino, of the University of Urbino, there are non-profit associations particularly attentive to prevention and well-being initiatives as well as treatment in the field of female oncological diseases (Golden Brain, Valeria Onlus, Noi come prima, Fior di Loto , ADAMO).

For this course, making use of information / guidance / guidance counseling activities managed by Eurolex Servizi SRL, a company accredited for work services by the Marche Region, it is proposed to involve women to whom they can make known the labor rights of cancer patients and the possibilities of work placement with job grants,

the importance of adopting correct lifestyles, and oncological rehabilitation and improvement of post-intervention quality of life offered by local structures (Movis project) and by our ATS in a synergy logic , as well as initiate a dialogue with general practitioners and cancer prevention specialists in the common interest of facilitating return to work after illness, ‘existence after the storm’.


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