He has Hodgkin’s lymphoma and must undergo a very expensive therapy to save himself. For each session she pays 15 thousand euros: another 150 thousand is needed, a fundraiser has been openedSilvia Sanna August 20, 2021

SASSARI. A parenthesis of normality just when her dreams begin to take shape: from 15 to 24 years, after the liver transplant that returned her smile, Camilla imagined her path. It was a gentle path, devoid of the sudden curves, heart-pounding descents and breathtaking climbs that she has instead learned to live with.

Today she is facing the steepest climb and she has no choice: she cannot stop, the alternative is to fall into the void. Camilla Serafini, 28, from Carbonia, began attending hospitals when she was in elementary school.

«At 9 I was diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis which took away my strength to run and play. After 6 years of treatment and deprivation, she received a new liver. At 15 – says Camilla – I thought that the sufferings were over and that life with me would finally be generous ».

At 24 she was ready to leave for England with her boyfriend Daniele: waiting for her was “a beautiful job, I would have taught Italian in a school, and in the meantime I would have continued in my field, digital communication”. But the fatigue had returned, along with the recurrent and drug-resistant fevers, and the test values ​​had gone mad.

After a few weeks the diagnosis: Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Camilla has since defeated him twice already, but the monster has returned for the third time. And now the battle is tougher, because tenacity and courage are not enough, to heal Camilla she needs money, a lot of money, which she doesn’t have.

We need everyone’s help to give this young woman a chance who despite what she has been through still smiles at her life and proudly shows the scar on her belly, a reminder of her transplant 13 years ago. There is a fundraiser started in January ( together with the possibility of a direct donation through the Iban IT 28I0200843851000103415376.

And then many solidarity initiatives have been set up and others are taking place, but we must hurry. Camilla skipped the appointment at the clinic in Rome this month because she did not have enough money to pay for the therapy: each session costs 15 thousand euros and there is no reimbursement from the national health system.

Let’s save Camilla. She says that in her parenthesis of normality, from 15 to 24 years, she happened to see jars in the shops with a photo and a request for help: “They were often children who faced serious illnesses – says Camilla – they made me move and I identified with they. But I never thought that one day my face would be printed on those jars. ‘

Instead, for just under a year, “after the lymphoma returned for the third time in September 2020”, Camilla found herself on the other side. And it was not easy for those who have always been used to giving and not asking, to rely on the help and solidarity of others. “I’m very proud and used to looking after myself.

But I didn’t have a choice: I want to live and with the help of my family and my partner Daniele alone I can’t do it because the therapy is too expensive ». Camilla has already spent about 150 thousand euros and the same amount is needed to complete the cycle of infusions: she has to do another 10, the first four every three weeks, then one every six weeks.

“The results are there, the last Pet has given comforting signs, the disease is regressing.” But after the appointment canceled in August, another postponement is not granted: cancer does not discount and walks fast, if it is not opposed it is ready to advance again, with even greater violence.

Therapy. Camilla has so far defeated the tumor by following traditional therapies such as chemo cycles. This time it is not possible: the only cure that can save Camilla is based on the use of monoclonal antibodies capable of arresting “the post organ transplant lymphoproliferative disorder”. The acronym Ptld indicates a very frequent complication in transplant recipients, such as Camilla.

The problem is that there is no specific protocol for your case, very rare due to previous pathologies: for this reason, after having traveled far and wide, consulted a long list of doctors and asked for clarification from AIFA (never arrived) Camilla had to give up in front of the gaze of the oncologist who in December 2020 told her that her situation was very serious and the clinical picture very compromised.


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