ALCASE Italia, a non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to pulmonary neoplasia patients and their families, expands, completes and updates its range of services: from the multiblog and live direct “Experts answer” to the list of “Excellent doctors” in the care lung cancer.

In the awareness that the more we know the disease, the better we face it and the desire to reiterate that lung cancer, although aggressive and unpredictable, is not a sentence, but only a diagnosis.

Boves, 21-6-20121

“Even in the current pandemic scenario, we wanted to continue to extend and redevelop our activities in favor of lung cancer patients, also to demonstrate that those who provide services to patients with such a serious pathology, cannot and should not be slow down from any cause, including the Covid pandemic ”says the President of ALCASE Italia, Prof. Deanna Gatta.

These in summary are the results of the efforts made:A) From February to June 2021, five live videos were streamed on ALCASE’s social networks entitled: “IFO experts respond to lung cancer patients”.

Thanks to the availability of Dr. Federico Cappuzzo, international expert in the treatment of lung tumors and new Director of Medical Oncology 2 ° of the Regina Elena hospital in Rome and thanks to the collaboration of the

Foundation for Translational Research (Fort), patients suffering from lung cancer had the opportunity to ask questions and clarify any doubts about immunotherapy, gene mutations and innovative cancer therapies.B)

The review of the list of doctors who have worked most and continue to work, with great quality, in the difficult field of lung cancer has been carried out and the first 100 medical researchers (EXCELLENT DOCTORS) have been selected, whose list, in alphabetical order and subdivided by region, it provides in summary form a lot of useful information for those who want to personally contact the doctor on the list.

C) The column “THE RADIOTHERAPIST RESPONDS” has been added to the multiblog Experts respond, edited by Dr. Marco Trovò, Director of the Complex Operational Structure of Oncological Radiotherapy at the University Health Authority of Friuli Centrale,

Udine (UD), member of the ‘Italian Association of Oncological Radiotherapy (AIRO), of the Italian Radio Biology Association (AIRB) and of the European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology (ESTRO).

The multiblog, which sees many experts who have made themselves available out of pure spirit of solidarity towards those who are in serious difficulty, is a service used by many patients who are struggling with fear, trauma and the uncertainty of facing the diagnosis of lung cancer.

D) From next autumn, a new cycle of six live videos will start from September to February 2022: “The thoracic surgeons of the IEO in Milan and the Policlinico Gemelli in Rome respond to patients”.

The initiative involves the thoracic surgeons of the Institute of Oncology (IEO) in Milan and the Policlinico Gemelli in Rome who, in alternating meetings, will give patients the opportunity to ask questions and interact with the speakers.

This initiative was made possible thanks to the collaboration of Dr. Giorgio Lo Iacono, thoracic surgeon at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan and “ALCASE Italia International Liason” and Prof. Filippo Lococo, associate professor of thoracic surgery at IRCCS, Fondazione Policlinico Twins of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Rome.

E) In addition, a new series of direct videos “IFO Experts Responding to Lung Cancer Patients” is planned in 2022, which is currently being planned.

“Knowing well that patients face their care pathways with greater confidence if they feel they are not alone and can count on safe guidance and multiple concrete supports” concludes the Medical Director Dr. Gianfranco Buccheri, “ALCASE Italia continues to be committed to providing answers to the countless questions that its Community asks every day.”


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