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Usually, during the same surgery, the surgeon may also remove the lymph nodes from the chest to check for signs of cancer.

Advanced surgical techniques such as minimally invasive surgery and video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) can reduce the hospital stay after lung cancer surgery and can allow a more rapid return to normal activities.

In cases of extensive disease, surgery can be preceded by chemotherapy or radiotherapy to reduce the extent of the tumor.In other cases, chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy can be performed after surgery to remove any remaining cancer cells and to reduce the risk of recurrence.

In advanced cases of the disease, especially in the presence of metastases, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are the main treatment because they help relieve symptoms, such as pain.Although it cannot be completely prevented, it can significantly reduce the risk of lung cancer.Can lung cancer prevention be done?

Not smoking and quitting smoking (even if you have smoked for years) significantly lower your risk. Whenever possible, you should also avoid exposing yourself to secondhand smoke.In addition to this, occupational exposure to certain carcinogens must be avoided by using personal safety devices such as masks.

Having a healthy life with balanced diet and sporting activity helps prevent this cancer.The “Smoking and Lung Cancer” Screening Project is active in our Center in collaboration with the “Lasmot” Onlus, the Radiology Service of the Pierangeli

– Synergo Nursing Home and the Department of Molecular Biology of the Faculty of Medicine of the G. d’Annunzio (Chieti-Pescara), with effect from 2018 to 2022, which allows the identification of lung cancer in subjects at risk at an early stage that can be surgically attacked with high survival rates.

For some years now, the annual ESMO congress has been supporting that of the ASCO in the preferences of Italian oncologists. The great quality of the contents and a certain greater homogeneity of the issues have attracted the attention of the world cancer community. For the second, and hopefully last, time the assembly will be completely virtual, while in 2022 we could also meet again in presence in Paris.

As Antonio Passaro recalled in the opening editorial of the first “ESMO Daily Reporter”, this will be the congress that will allow us to focus on the function of immune checkpoint inhibitors in less common diseases, such as endocrine and neuroendocrine tumors, as well as in gynecological tumors.

It should also be an opportunity to recognize the role of immunotherapy in the initial setting, in particular for lung cancer and melanoma in the adjuvant setting. Finally, from its gallery we await the expected data of overall survival in mammary tumors and of the new promising targets of immunotherapies in lung cancer.
Happy congress to all.


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