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In May, the running relays in every region of Italy in support of research against childhood cancerRun4Hope, the pro AIRC and AIL national running relay, starts in 2021.
After last year’s forced stop dictated by the outbreak of the Pandemic, Run4Hope Italia in 2021 finds the strength and the way to start with the first edition of the running relay designed to link sport and solidarity by embracing all of Italy.

This is an unprecedented event, divided into twenty regional relays that will take place simultaneously throughout Italy at the end of May, which sees the Vicenza non-profit organization “Run4Hope Italia” as the protagonist alongside the AIRC Foundation for 2021 and 2023 and AIL in 2022 in 2024. : a relay in the relay race to mark the first period of the project between the Tokyo 2021 and Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

For this first edition, therefore, the funds raised will be allocated to AIRC and more precisely they will be used to support research projects for the treatment of childhood cancers.

The goal is to get many people moving, from the north to the south of Italy. Every running step and every donation, small or large, will be essential to support the two beneficiaries, in the name of sport and solidarity.

The event: the regional relays between 22 and 30 May – it runs against childhood cancers
The non-competitive running relays will start at the same time on Saturday 22 May and end on Sunday 30 May 2021.

Individual runners, expert runners, sports associations, corporate groups, spontaneous or even made up of customers of running shops, will be involved in an exciting Giro d’Italia by making a witness travel in their region; everyone will do their part, bringing Run4Hope’s message of solidarity and hope.

Participants will do their best, even personally, to contribute to the national fundraising related to the sporting part also through the Rete del Dono portal which will allow them to involve friends and acquaintances in the collection.

The regional capitals will be the privileged reference points for departures and / or arrivals and the routes will be developed on the basis of the indications of the Regional Committees supporting Run4Hope, which are being set up in recent months thanks also to the organizers of the major events of running.

Run4Hope Italia – the words of the protagonists”Run4Hope was born with the intention of being a great national event able to combine sport with solidarity. From this point of view, the relay aims to be an opportunity to demonstrate how important it is to join forces when we touch upon important issues such as solidarity ”

– explains the President of the Onlus Run4Hope Italia Massimo Giammetta -. “This year, for the first edition, we have decided to support AIRC researchers, working to find the right treatments for all young patients.

Numerous results have been obtained in pediatric oncology, but the work to be done is still great, especially in the rarest forms. For this reason we want to support research to reach new important goals as soon as possible with new treatments and increasingly effective therapies.

Never before has everyone’s commitment become decisive, because only by joining forces will we be able to defeat this ugly disease. The numerous subscriptions and the great demonstrations of enthusiasm that we received in 2020 despite the suspension, gave us the charge to resume the organization and review the format, in compliance with health regulations. ”

“I want to thank the organizers for having involved us in this new adventure that combines sport and research” – says Niccolò Contucci, Director General of the AIRC Foundation -. “This is an important event that allows us to collect new resources to be used for the work ofour scientists committed to developing increasingly effective and less toxic therapies to cure all young patients.

For some forms of cancer, such as Hodgkin’s lymphoma, research has achieved very important results, curing 90% of children.

For other forms, especially the rarer ones, the road is unfortunately still long because there is a lack of specific therapies, formulated on the basis of dedicated studies. This is why it is necessary not to stop and continue to invest in the best research “.

Cancer affects around 1,400 children up to 14 years of age in Italy every year. Thanks to constant progress in research, today three out of four children recover completely. An important milestone, just think that in the seventies only three out of ten overcame the disease.

Many battles have been won, today about 82% of children are alive five years after diagnosis, but we certainly cannot stop because there are still many questions to which to find the right answers in order to cure all the little patients.


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