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If you don’t do this in 2022, when Neptune contacts your Sun, you will surely get there. However, despite being very smart and knowledgeable, you will still have to work very hard to get a diploma.Pluto will continue to move forward in the sign of Capricorn which is your 7th Solar House of Relationships, making changes in this area and having people leave your life.

Some of the ones who decide to go will be the ones who have lifted your spirits, while the others will be the ones who have always shot you down with their need for control.You will learn from all of them what your role is in any relationship. By wanting to have a better relationship lifestyle, you will want to distance yourself and some.

Pluto in this area of ​​your relationships will focus more on you than anyone else. Transiting this planet will be beneficial for you because it will make you more aware of what works best for you and not for the people in your life.Social life predictions for the crab

In 2022, Jupiter will give you the opportunity to develop your skills and function at your best. It will change your entire existence by bringing your new opportunities, friends and proposals.Hence, Neptune will inspire you to have the best ideas. If you want to live differently, you will take the initiative in every situation and this will increase your chances of success.

However, starting from 11 May until 28 October, the planet Jupiter located in the sign of Aries will have your doubt about everything. Either you have to be very brave and take your life into your own hands, or you just have to wait until after that date.

If you want to be understood and change things, just dare stand up and act when you work hard to complete your projects and abide by the principles you believe in.
Cancer health in 2022

As for health, the start of the year does not look very good, as you may have some problems due to the change in the weather. This is because Jupiter will be in your 8th house.

Just improve your eating and daily habits.For example, exercise and practice yoga outdoors. Don’t allow yourself to be in tension, no matter what economic or rival situation you may be dealing with.

During the last half of the year, you will be in much better health and have positive thoughts because there is a beneficial planet in aspect on the Ascendant. Participate in religious activities if you want to feel mentally satisfied.Check out the Cancer horoscope for March 2021


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