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In other words, it is as if a door opens for you, but no one will force you to cross the threshold. The real point, therefore, will be: what attitude do you want to take with respect to this challenge / opportunity? This is the reflection to do in order to better prepare yourself to face 2022.

Your horoscope for the new year, therefore, is very different from last year for many of those born in the first two decades and part of the third, but for the others it is not. is very different from the previous year: this means that you still have some tasks to do.

There are probably still lessons to be learned from what you experienced last year: you have not yet fully focused on the situation. Let’s say that, in terms of change, 2022 did not make you miss anything, but you have not completely metabolized it.

If you have seen the article in which I explained the characteristics of Cancer (read it by clicking here) you will have read that one of its weaknesses is its attachment to the past: it is the sign linked to a specific type of memory, that is, emotional memory. Situations already experienced remain etched in the soul and breaking away from them becomes a challenge.

Paradoxically, Cancer also becomes attached to “uncomfortable” situations that become part of the now infamous comfort zone. In this 2022, willy-nilly the comfort zone will be abandoned, and if you know how to make the most of this opportunity, the effort will repay you with new, more stimulating and truer situations

(especially for the second decade) or with the possibility of becoming the governors of your life without delegating to the outside the power to define poles, limits and sense of direction. Cancer Horoscope 2022 – read an interesting and fascinating horoscope on our website.
Cancer 2022 annual horoscope

The presence of Pluto in your sign continues to increase your esteem and your qualities. Fortunately, Uranus in Taurus gives all its support by consolidating friendships and projects. Neptune, which is part of the game, encourages you to use your inner resources to achieve your goals. During the summer, the transit of Jupiter into Pisces affects your aspirations which promote expansion and good opportunities.

This year, a soft force pushes you to realize these ambitions. Measure the probabilities that come to you, do not be afraid. Since the beginning of the year, Mars in Taurus has been taking care of you. He awakens your emotional fiber. At the end of February, Venus in Pisces inspires you with romantic feelings. With the proximity of Neptune, your imagination takes strength.

Do you have a love that makes you look languid? answer him with the blink of an eye! During Spring, Mars in your sign will make you set the conditions. You will free yourself from the chains. You will venture, you will be seductive, and you will love. During the summer, Mars in Virgo will help you set the right limits. Starting in autumn, Mars in Scorpio will ignite your senses.


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