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The sign of cancer concludes years of saturnine tension: now the great alefic called saturn is greatly lightened. They therefore give ample space for breathing and recovery. This will also happen with Jupiter in aquarius so the two stars will activate the eighth celestial place of the sign of cancer where

Saturn plows through a space of anguish and tribulation as a trace of a past that has worn you out on several occasions and therefore now Saturn intends in some way to cool certain and certain disturbances and give you a greater capacity for rebirth. Here you too of cancer come from difficult years especially 2022 was very complicated for your sign.

You will better understand the nature of your feelings as well as how your partner feels. It is on this understanding that you will put the disturbance and doubt about the other behind you to give breath to a greater confidence in the feelings for a relationship that certainly comes from difficult situations.

This is a great opportunity to restore a certain cohesion, a certain confidence as a couple. For those who have ended relationships, however, it is a good energy to return to believing in love and therefore have a new impulse to get back into the game and why not also to new situations.

The money will be stable throughout the year. Even making an investment, there will be nothing to regret, but you have to know how to wait patiently as there will be nothing to celebrate, at least until December.

Although 2022 will bring several changes that will make a big difference in favor of those born in this sign, they should try not to get into debt, spend only what they have in their real possibilities, without counting on extra money that they do not yet have in their hands.Career

You need to put in a lot of effort to stay on a roll in your success. Planetary positions are favorable, as intelligence and creativity will be seen by the world. Inspiration will come from those around you, especially the elderly. Do not cry after the loss of opportunity, but rather move on.

If you are attracted to activities it would be ideal to get involved in any collaboration offers. The negotiation will end on a positive note. Find time for leisure. Don’t compromise your career goals.Conclusions and advice from the astrologer

Luck – fitness Cancer 2022: speaking of destiny in your favor is not speaking clearly. Unfortunately, the position of Jupiter in the sky is not excellent for you but it must also be said that it does not disturb and does not create many difficulties. In short, Jupiter tells you to go on with your ideas, your life and your strengths without hoping to be helped by fate, by luck.

We can say, however, that the moments of despair, of low energy will be very few in this year thanks to the transits of fast planets such as Mercury and Venus but also thanks to the support of Mars which in this 2022 will be very effective for several months and especially in spring. It’s autumn. So excellent physical and mental strengths but you have to go it alone without hoping for big help, big support.

Maybe accomplishing something without someone’s support makes your victories and successes even more beautiful. If you have a bureaucratic or legal problem this is not the right year to come up with a good solution.

As we have already mentioned before, physically you can feel very well and the level of good health also helps to improve mood, dialogue with the people around you and also to magnify that desire for change that has been born in you during the past months. and during the past year. Nervousness to fight around the month of

September and October and many difficulties in love right in this period but do not forget that everything that is born now and is carried on with sacrifices and sweat, will return multiplied in your pockets.

Excellent year to start a diet, to start a new sport or even a hobby because mentally you are really strong and creativity in some moments can come close to genius. The last piece of advice we give is to avoid unnecessary financial investments, especially if you have little money available.


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