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It is therefore essential to go back to following the prevention programs and pay attention, with your doctor, to all the possible signs that may affect all other types of tumors. In addition to the “official” tests, which must still be performed, there is a technique that allows you to rest assured by checking the entire body with a single exam.

It is called DWB (Diffusion Whole Body) and is a simple magnetic resonance, “specialized” in the early diagnosis of solid tumors even of very small dimensions. It does not use radiation or contrast media, does not require special preparations, lasts about 40 minutes.

It can be booked at the European Institute of Oncology, in Milan, or in a specialized center, unique in Italy, the ASC of Castelli Calepio, near Bergamo. Vaccination and cancer prevention tests therefore: two steps to recover some peace of mind.The Prostate Center of Italian Switzerland (CPSI) is a functional entity dedicated to the assistance and care of patients with prostate cancer.

Created with the aim of continuously improving the quality of care, the CPSI involves the various competent services in the urological sector and coordinates internally the people with different specialist skills with the aim of offering the patient with prostate cancer the best option. of personalized diagnostic and therapeutic care.

The main tasks of the CPSI are also the correct specific information to patients and family members as well as providing the public with constantly updated information regarding issues on prostate cancer.

Within the activities and structures of specific competence, the CPSI promotes and coordinates clinical and translational research, “clinical governance” projects, specific and continuous training and supports the activities of associations or bodies of patients and families with cancer of the prostate.

Characteristics of the Service

The CPSI refers in its activity to the various specialists in the urological and oncological sector, i.e. urologists, radio-oncologists, oncologists, nurses, radiologists, nuclear doctors and pathologists, dedicated for their scientific and specific skills, to the care of patients with prostate cancer.

These specialists operate and work in a group called “Core Team” or “Central Nucleus”, which meets weekly as part of a multidisciplinary meeting or Multi-disciplinary meeting (MDM).

The dedicated specialists of the “Core team” during the MDM discuss collectively and in an interdisciplinary way the clinical situations of patients with prostate cancer and formulate the diagnosis and treatment recommendations for each individual patient.

The CPSI coordination committee, composed of the following persons and figures, directs, coordinates and carries out the supervisory tasks:

  • Clinical manager
  • Multi-Disciplinary Meeting (MDM) Coordinator
  • Nursing Coordinator (Clinical Expert Nurse)
  • Operational coordinator
  • A representative of each of the most relevant disciplines


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