The cancer remains the second leading cause of death


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Expert forecasts indicate a 7% decline in the death rate in men and 5% in women compared to 2015

In the European Union and the United Kingdom 1.4 million deaths are expected in 2021. This is what the research forecast of the State University of Milan indicates, supported by a scholarship from the Italian Foundation for Cancer Research, published in ‘Annals of Oncology’. ”

In 2021, a total of 1,443,000 cancer deaths are expected in the European Union (1,267,000) and the United Kingdom (176,000). This corresponds to age-standardized death rates of 130 per 100,000 men (down 7% from 2015) and 81 per 100,000 women (down 5%) in the European Union.

Compared to the maximum rate of cancer deaths in 1988, around 5 million cancer deaths will be avoided in the European Union and over 1 million deaths averted in the UK from 1989 to 2021. In 2021 alone, 348,000 and 69,000 cancer deaths will be avoided in the European Union and the United Kingdom respectively, ”the study points out.

The 2021 forecasts of cancer deaths “indicate a decrease in mortality rates of 7% in men and 5% in women in the European Union compared to 2015: critical issues remain regarding pancreatic cancer.

Lung cancer mortality does not decrease in women either ”. Curated by the Eva Negri studio of the State University of Milan. “Lung cancer mortality rates in men are 25% lower in the UK than in the EU due to the faster and wider decline in the prevalence of smoking in men in the UK – explains Negri

– This is also reflected in the lowest predicted mortality rates for all cancers in men in the UK. In the European Union, men quit smoking, albeit later than in the UK, which explains the delayed decline in male mortality rates in these countries. ”

According to Carlo La Vecchia, of the State University of Milan: “Among the main cancers, pancreatic cancer is the fourth most common and is the only one that has not shown an overall reduction in mortality rates in the last three decades in Europe in both the sexes. It is important – he warns

– that adequate resources are provided for the prevention, early detection and management of pancreatic cancer to improve these trends in the near future. If the cancer is detected early, it is possible to successfully treat it, but most cases are advanced by the time of diagnosis.

Avoiding smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, weight control and, therefore, diabetes are the main ways we know of to prevent pancreatic cancer, but these factors only cause a fraction of the cases. New targeted drugs are leading to some improvement in treatment, but at the moment it is difficult to quantify their impact ”.

‘Delayed diagnosis for Covid-19 may increase cancer burden in the coming years’The co-author of the study is Paolo Boffetta, associate editor of the ‘Annals of Oncology’ for epidemiology, associate director for population sciences at Stony Brook University in New York (USA) and professor at the University of Bologna: “in Europe after cardiovascular disease.

Although mortality rates in many cancers are expected to decrease this year, the absolute number of deaths from disease will continue to rise due to an aging population – explains Boffetta – This underlines the growing importance for public health. Delayed diagnosis and treatment of cancer due to the Covid-19 pandemic may increase the cancer burden in the coming years ”.


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