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Cancer 2022 health annual horoscope

What will be asked of you will be to question yourselves, to relaunch yourselves with innovative strategies, to renew attitudes and solutions at times even drastically.
Which doctor should you visit for an exam in Cancer in 2022?

… (You can find all the information in the 2022 Horoscope Book: click here) … But here is a summary: I confess: we are not yet out of the high water in which you have swum in the last two years, but certainly there is less effort. The point is, as I said in the introduction, that there are still tasks to be done, and these tasks concern a profound transition that is required of you.

I don’t know if it has to do with the need to separate yourself from situations that you emotionally depend on, or if it has to do with the challenge of really taking your life in hand by empowering yourself.

I don’t know because it depends on your birth chart, but it certainly affects one of these two options. Last year I told you that you were up against two heavyweights of the solar system: Saturn and Pluto.

The good news is that Saturn is gone and, this means that cuts have been made and fatigue has been overcome, but the call to face the challenges head-on is still there and you cannot avoid or ignore it. So be ready to change your skin, knowing that the new self that comes out will be stronger and brighter. But this won’t come for free.

Warning that follows what I said last year: if 2022 was already difficult and you were born in the first 3-4 days of the sign, then it is possible that 2022 will be a year of recovery and, therefore, much better than that of the others. 3rd decade cancers. In short: if you have already given, it is very likely that it is no longer necessary to pay.

The difference is that this year you have help from Neptune that adds a magical or spiritual or artistic dimension, or perhaps a romantic one to your 2022. You can, therefore, count on a creative or “mystical” outlet. from March.
What will happen to health in 2022?

A career horoscope for Cancer for 2022 recommends sticking to the gold average, choosing between work and personal life. Relationships will create an optimistic mood, which will affect the professional sphere. Representatives of the water sign are perfectly suited to any situation, so it is better to wait for temporary difficulties at work.

Cancers do not like change, but in the year of the Ox it will not be necessary – astrologers advise to stay in the same place. If you show courage and don’t step on indecision on the threshold of a promising project, the profit will break all available financial records.


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