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You will feel a little tired from the stress accumulated over the previous years. Protecting yourself from these situations generate stress. Be calm and let peace prevail in your life. Unwanted communication can contribute to stress.

So, from time to time, disconnect from the digital world. Eat healthy, take supplements to keep fit. This year is a good time to get involved in physical activity such as going to the gym.Family

Throughout 2022, cancers will experience ups and downs in family and friends relationships, from April 21 the transit of Saturn will make them feel a little lonely and depressed.

As the year progresses, they will leave behind feelings such as the addiction that generally enslaves them and their emotional relationships with the family will improve a lot, but they will not stop feeling a little sad.

The months of September and December will favor them to get closer to family, live more together and spend good quality time together, to reach the home that makes natives of this sign so happy.

The same months will be very useful for camaraderie with friends, spending a little more time with them is one of the antidotes to overcome thoughts of loneliness and depression.Cancer Horoscope 2022 – work

Work – Cancer money 2022: almost the whole year is not so interesting in terms of work and consequently also in terms of money, earnings, economic successes. Certainly something will change in your workplace, perhaps you yourself will want to proceed with

some changes in a sudden way because you are quite tired of the usual routine, but even if the energies will be very effective in determining the choices to be made, the little support of important planets such as

Jupiter and Saturn force you to live moments in which the mind will be not very clear and therefore the risk of making evaluation errors will be very high. So initially try to proceed with extreme caution and act only if you are convinced that you are doing what you have in mind.

The best periods, periods in which to have excellent physical and mental strength to proceed with new ideas, new agreements, new professional projects, are those between the months of May and June and between November and December.

In these months and weeks you will be very determined and the favorable influences of Mars will help you a lot to overcome any obstacles you will encounter on your path. If you are looking for a new job, then these months are interesting but send your resume and interview a few months in advance so you can hear your phone ring.

Undoubtedly the desire to change something even in the workplace, to take new paths and to proceed with other ideas, is very strong within you and with Uranus still pushing towards new things,

you can decide to change jobs, cities to go to. work, co-workers. If you have been able to save money in the past then you will be able to overcome a period of many expenses and few earnings but remember that what you sow now, in the next year will be born and grow in a very important way.


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