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Characteristics of the signPeople who belong to the sign of Cancer are very attached to the family and have a generally very romantic and charming attitude. Since they are governed by the Moon, their mood is often a bit fluctuating and they need reassurance!

Cancerians are known for their sensitivity. They are able to understand situations, both professional and personal, very quickly, and that is why they are credited with great intuition. Cancer people are often criticized for being a little whiny. Sometimes it seems that nothing is right for them.

In fact, this character trait derives from their extreme sensitivity. Since they are able to perceive aspects of things and human relationships that others escape, the exponents of Cancer sometimes feel alone and express their dissatisfaction even aloud. Rather than criticize them, one would do well to try to understand what they are perceiving.

Cancer people know how to be great lovers, because in interpersonal relationships they are very spontaneous and put their soul into everything they do. Their passion is extreme and it is very fascinating for people who are looking for sincere and strong feelings in an often superficial world. They are a water sign and their favorable color is lunar white.

At the start for women veterans of breast, uterus or ovarian cancer the opportunity to become part of the running teams that will be born in different cities. Applications until January 9, 2022

The adventure of the Pink Ambassadors restarts. Women, runners and ambassadors of a strong message: after the disease you can go back to living stronger than before, also thanks to running.

With the aim of spreading this awareness, the Umberto Veronesi Foundation recruits every year women operated on for breast, uterus and ovarian cancer who accept a new challenge: to train with tenacity for a few months with the aim of running 21 kilometers, the distance of a half marathon.

The project, born in Milan in 2014, is now also active in 18 other cities: Turin, Varese, Monza-Brianza, Verona, Bologna, Florence, Perugia, Rome, Naples, Bari, Catania, Como, Bergamo, Trento, Palermo, Venice and Cagliari. The hope, for this year, is to expand the presence in Italy.

For this reason, starting from 30 October and until 9 January 2022, the Umberto Veronesi Foundation will recruit Pink Ambassadors who will start training in April. To submit your own (full details are given at the bottom of the article), you must have completed chemotherapy or radiotherapy by September 2021.

The groups will be supervised by a technical staff made up of coaches, nutritionists and psychologists. Participation is free, but constant commitment is required for the duration of the training. In each city, the groups of runners will be activated only when a minimum number of 20 participants is reached.


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